Energy & Environment Lab Chakr Project

Particulate matter (PM) emissions from diesel engines is a significant source of Delhi’s air pollution. In this project, Chakr Innovation Pvt. Ltd. (a winner of Delhi Innovation Challenge) would pilot a technology which when coupled with the exhaust pipe of diesel engines absorbs PM emissions and converts this captured particulate matter into black ink and paints.

The University of Chicago researchers will work with Chakr to test the effectiveness of Chakr’s device in reducing PM emissions, and assess if this technology is a cost effective way of reducing diesel genset pollution. The project will pilot the technology on diesel generators used as power back-ups for mobile telephone towers and small commercial properties in Delhi NCR.

This project was also one of the winning ideas in the Delhi Innovation Challenge which was a joint initiative of the Tata Centre for Development at the University of Chicago and the Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi.